Capital: Ashgabat.
National currency: manat (from November, 1993).
Present (de facto) population (as of the веginning of the 2006) - 6,7 mln. persons.
Borders on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan.



Natural and Geographic Characteristics and Environment Protection

Share in total territory, %1 :
land, used by agricultural enterprises and households - 69
land of reserve and forest stock - 25
land of other land users - 6

The longest rivers,  km
(total length)
Amudarya - 1415
Tejen - 1150
Atrek - 669

The largest lakes,  mln. sq. km
Caspian Sea (total area)0,4

The highest point, m 
mountain Airybaba - 3139

Average of many years temperature
JanuaryJuly from +280C to +310C from - 70C to +60C

1 As  of 01.01.2006.

Main Social and Economic Indicators of Turkmenistan