Republic of Uzbekistan


Capital: Tashkent.
National currency: sum (from June, 1994).
Resident Population (as of the веginning of the 2019) - 33,3 mln. persons.
Borders on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan.



Natural and Geographic Characteristics and Environment Protection

Share in total territory,  % :
agricultural lands – 59,5
forest area – 3,1
water basin area – 1,8
other – 35,6

Especially protected territories (national parks, nature reserves, wildlife preserves, special hunting reserves)
number, units – 14
total territory, thous. ha  - 1546

The longest rivers, km
(total length)
Syrdarya – 2212
Amudarya – 1415

Zaravshan – 877

The highest point
Gissaro –Alay- 4643 m

Average of many years temperature
January from -80C to +40C
July from +220C to +320C

Main Social and Economic Indicators Republic of Uzbekistan