Statcommittee of the CIS was established in accordance with the decision of the Heads of Governments in December 1991 for coordinating activities of statistical organizations of the CIS countries, developing and implementing an unified statistical methodology on the basis of mutual consultations, securing comparability and continuity of statistical elaborations, facilitating wide-scale information exchange in the framework of the CIS, organizing seminars and employing other forms of rendering assistance to national statistical services.  The Committee is entrusted with creating and maintaining common statistical database.

   The principal activities of the CIS Statistical Committee are as follows:

  • assistance to states-participants of the CIS  in transformation of their state statistics on the basis of international standards;
  • coordination of statistical activities in states-participants of the CIS and preparation of recommendations on unified statistical methodology;
  • collection and analysis of statistical information, maintaining databases, compilation of summary statistical data, issue and dissemination of publication;
  • multilateral exchange of statistical information in the CIS.

    The Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS is an official disseminator of statistical information on social and economic situation in the CIS countries.