Russian version
Periodicity: quartetly
Format 17 x 24 cm

In the quarterly reports of the Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS "Socio-Economic Situation of the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States" presents and analyzes the main socio-economic indicators of the Commonwealth.
The report contains information on industrial production, agriculture, construction, transport, foreign trade and finance; data on population, labor markets, money income and prices in the consumer market in the CIS countries and others.
All information is given for each of the CIS countries and the Commonwealth
as a whole.
The main source of information for the report are the official data from national statistical services, calculated at a mutually agreed methodology to ensure their international comparability, as well as the data of the central (national) banks and customs services of the CIS countries.
Reports are intended for state bodies of the Commonwealth, its intergovernmental organizations, international organizations, statisticians, economists, researchers, professionals interested in statistical information on the development of the CIS countries.


Statistical bulletins

Russian version
Periodicity: quarterly
Format 17 x 24 cm

 Statistical bulletin contains analytical notes characterizing socio-economic situation of the CIS countries, publications on the problems of external trade, reports on the processes in social sphere as well as main methodological documents of the Statcommittee of the CIS and reviews of materials of national statistical services, news and events of statistical life.



Press releases

Russian and English versions
Periodicity: monthly
Format 16 х 25 cm

Press-releases include:
- the latest available data on each state-participant of the CIS;
- charts and tables easy to understand;
- clear and concise comments.
Press-releases are available as printed version or can be sent by e-mail.