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Statistics about life of people with disabilities in the countries of the Commonwealth of independent states, 2018

                Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS was formed in 1992 in accordance with the Agreement on statistical service of the Commonwealth of Independent States and pursuant to the decision of the Heads of Governments of the CIS member states of 30 December, 1991. Based on the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/48/237 of 30.03.1994, which granted the Commonwealth of Independent States an observer status under it, the CIS Statcommittee participates in the work of the UN Statistical Commission, UNECE Conference of European Statisticians and its Bureau, ESCAP Committee on Statistics, is a member of the Committee for Coordination of Statistical Activities, which consists of more than forty international statistical organizations. Having the status of international statistical organization and relevant authorization from the Council of Heads of Statistical Services of the CIS Countries, the CIS Statcommittee has ample opportunities to support the interests of the national statistical services of the region in various international projects. The publication is intended for managerial bodies of the Commonwealth countries, businessmen, economists, statisticians and other specialists.

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